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The ALP2020 Manual Aluminium Louver Pergola
ALP2020 Pergola
manual louvered pergola

The new generation ALP2020 louver pergola is newly developed by Chenxiaodou is a new louver pergola. It is made of heat-insulating aluminium alloy material and combines unique contour technology and structural design. Windproof, dimming, and durability can adapt to various outdoor climates and create a comfortable outdoor Iiving experience. ALP2020 bioclimatic pergola is stylish, simple, stable and durable, and can be perfectly integrated into courtyards, terraces, roof balconies, swimming pools and other residential leisure places. It is the best choice for modern family outdoor places to create comfortable leisure living space.

Key Features

Material: Aluminium Alloy 6005 T5
Operation: Manual
Color:White / Black / Grey / Customized
Size:Standard size 3 x 3m and 4 x 3m / Customized

Product Details

12 years production experience in Aluminium Louver Pergola.
we are always dedicating ourselves to provide professional one-stop service, as well as making high-quality products.
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Standard Color Options Of Pergola


It’s adopted a new generation of shading technology, which has a very good function of shading and rain protection. By flexibly adjusting the opening and closing state of the blades, you can also adjust the light and ventilation effects, and choose the best way to start outdoor leisure life. It can withstand wind rating 28m/s (100 km/h).


Standard Color Options Of Pergola
Single-layer waterproof blades, more comprehensive functions


Standard Color Options Of Pergola
Adopt high quality 30000 working life-span gear box to support easily hand crank operation


Standard Color Options Of Pergola
Professional outdoor powder coating, waterproof and dustproof, durable

ALP2020 Manual Pergola Main Components

Components NameAluminium profileSize/Thickness
PostPost for Pergola100x100/1.4mm
Main BeamMain Beam for Pergola150x62/1.4mm
BeamBeam for Pergola150x40/1.4mm
LouvreLouvre for Pergola125.7x33.9/1.1mm
GutterGutter for Pergola58x56/1.4mm

Application Scenarios

ALP2020 Manual Pergola is stylish and simple. It is suitable for residential open spaces such as terraces, gardens, swimming pools, and fashionable commercial outdoor leisure places. It is an excellent match for modern outdoor leisure spaces.

Pergola Optional


Manual Blind , Manual zip Blind and Motorized zip Blind, offering a personalized service of excellent quality.The structure is powder coating aluminum and its fabric can be imported acrylic canvas Dickson brand, mesh type, transparent imported PVC or other special choice.Support manual operation without zipper, manual operation with zipper for tighter fabric effect and Motorised button-operated with zipper for satisfing different applications and offering the maximum possibility for end users.

Standard Color Options Of PergolaStandard Color Options Of Pergola

Equisit 8mm tempered sliding glass with side aluminum profile is perfect match for pergola to form a relax private space.It can realize a variety of scene functions such as cool summer and warm winter, dustproof and transparent scenes, making outdoor leisure life more comfortable and more quality

Standard Color Options Of Pergola

Pergola Comparison

Wind resistance
Led lighting
Installation methodFreestanding& Wall mountedFreestandingFreestanding

Customer Reviews

The Reviews of ALP2020 Manual Pergola
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  • 3 . The product it’s perfec.A little bit difficult to assemble but the supplier really help me.
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  • 10 . The product quality is very good, the design concept is advanced and practical.The product is very popular.
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