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The ALP2021 (Motorized / Manual) Aluminum Louver Pergola
ALP2021 Pergola
ALP2021 Motorized Pergola

The ALP2021 smart ecological pergola is a new type of minimalist modern aluminum pergola product. It complements the personality, fashion and innovative lifestyle. The minimalist and unobtrusive appearance design presents a light and luxurious aesthetic. While maintaining stability and excellent sun and rain protection functions, the rough profile design is changed to make the whole more exquisite and perfect, blending perfectly into the courtyard and terrace , balcony, swimming pools and other leisure places, smart ecological blinds are a fashionable companion for outdoor living and outdoor leisure places in modern homes.


Patios, Decks, Porches, Balconies, Terraces, Pools, Restaurants, Hotels, Rooftops

Product Details

12 years production experience in Aluminum Louver Pergola.
we are always dedicating ourselves to provide professional one-stop service, as well as making high-quality products.
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Standard Color Options Of Pergola

Standard Color Options Of Pergola

Standard Color Options Of Pergola
Dark Grey / White

Three Kinds Of Protection

With a Iouvre roof , you can easily control just how much of the sun ' s rays you ' ll be soaking up ; You Can Control the amount of wind you feel ; You can listen to the sound of raindrops on Pergola and enioy the beauty of the rain .

  • Shelter from the rsin

  • Sun protection

  • Ventilation

Comprehensive Functions

Double-layer waterproof blades , more comprehensive functions

Control System

Professional advanced waterproof motor , 24V low voltage , more stable and safer.
MOTORIZED : One-click control , free to open and close
MANUAL : Manual rocker , easy to operate .

Hidden Drainage System

ALP2021 Pergola Manual Operation Main Components

Components NameAluminum profileSize/Thickness
PostPost for Pergola120x120/1.4mm
Main BeamMain Beam for Pergola150x62/1.4mm
BeamBeam for Pergola150x40/1.4mm
LouvreLouvre for Pergola135x30/1.4mm
GutterGutter for Pergola58x56/1.4mm

V2021 Pergola Motorised Operation Main Components

Components NameAluminum profileSize/Thickness
PostPost for Pergola120x120/1.4mm
Main BeamMain Beam for Pergola170x47/1.2mm
BeamBeam for Pergola170x25/1.2mm
LouvreLouvre for Pergola135x30/1.2mm
GutterGutter for Pergola58x66/1.4mm

Application Scenarios

ALP2021 Pergola is stylish and simple. It is suitable for residential open spaces such as terraces, gardens, swimming pools, and fashionable commercial outdoor leisure places. It is an excellent match for modern outdoor leisure spaces.

Pergola Optional


Manual Blind , Manual zip Blind and Motorized zip Blind, offering a personalized service of excellent quality.The structure is powder coating aluminum and its fabric can be imported acrylic canvas Dickson brand, mesh type, transparent imported PVC or other special choice.Support manual operation without zipper, manual operation with zipper for tighter fabric effect and Motorised button-operated with zipper for satisfing different applications and offering the maximum possibility for end users.

Standard Color Options Of PergolaStandard Color Options Of Pergola

Equisit 8mm tempered sliding glass with side aluminum profile is perfect match for pergola to form a relax private space.It can realize a variety of scene functions such as cool summer and warm winter, dustproof and transparent scenes, making outdoor leisure life more comfortable and more quality

Standard Color Options Of Pergola

Pergola Comparison

Wind resistance
Led lighting
Installation methodFreestanding& Wall mountedFreestandingFreestanding

Customer Reviews

The Reviews of ALP2021 Pergola
  • 1 . Very good service and very good quality! Nice to do business with you.
  • 2 . Great supplier. Good communication and good quality product. Always arrives quickly. Thank you.
  • 3 . Very good service and response, design is excellent and quality is good. My family are happy for this purchase.
  • 4 . The seller is very patient and guided me through out the process of clearing my goods, awesome šŸ‘Œ. She even checked on me to make sure everything was perfect after I cleared it, I will definitely buy again from her šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ
  • 5 . fast shipping, and super good quality.
  • 6 . The quality was really good, as well as communication with the supplier. Worth recommendation
  • 7 . iā€™m very satisfied with the quality of the product and how they sublimate. Chloe was very helpful.
  • 8 . The order was fully compliant, and i am so satisfied with their service too.
  • 9 . Customer service is helpful and responsive. Product meets expectations.
  • 10 . Very good pergola, satisfied quality and service is always on time, compared several companies and this one is assured to buy.
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