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Full cassette retractable awning instruction manual

Brief Introduction:

Full cassette retractable awning instruction manual.Please hand over this manual to the end customer to ensure that the retractable awning can be installed correctly, if it is incorrect.

  Full cassette retractable awning

User informed

1. Please hand over this manual to the end customer to ensure that the full cassette retractable awning can be installed correctly, if it is incorrect. The personal safety caused by the fall of the full cassette retractable awning caused by the installation method is borne by the responsible person.
2. After unpacking, please confirm that the type and quantity of the contents of the box are consistent with those listed in the manual. Check that each part is intact.

Letter to the builder

Before installation, please read this manual carefully and carry out the construction in the order and method specified in this manual. Accidents caused by thousands of incorrect installations are not covered by the warranty, so please work correctly. In addition, please refer to the relevant installation manual for details on the motor and its wiring.

Please have the following installation tools ready

(1) 18mm open wrench (2) 16mm open wrench (3) 6mm allenal wrench (4) 5mm allen wrench (5) ¢14 impact drill bit (6) Impact drill (7) Hammer (8) Tape measure

The product name

Full cassette retractable awning

product awareness

Full cassette retractable awning Full cassette retractable awning

The whole box awning wall code and its precautions

1. Please install the wall code directly on the weight-resistant, durable wall.
2. Once the fixed installation part is deformed, it may cause accidents.

Full cassette retractable awning

The whole box awning installation steps

1. Wall code installation

Step (1): Ensure the installation height: As shown in Figure A, the measurement determines the height dimensions of both sides, and ensures two
The wall code installation height and size are consistent;
Step (2): Ensure Mount Width: Measure the arm center width of the full cassette retractable awning body as shown in Figure B size, and with this size the wall code is installed width size to ensure that the wall code is installed.
The most powerful;
Step (3): Open the wall according to the wall code installation hole size, and pay attention to ensure that the hole depth meets the requirements;
Step (4): Insert the expansion screws and install the wall code. Full cassette retractable awning

2. Full box awning body installation

Step (5): Hang the whole box with the installation code
Step (6): Fix the slider bar with the wall code Full cassette retractable awning
Step (7): Tighten the clamping code and lock it Full cassette retractable awning
Installation points: The convex edge of the clip is stuck into the groove of the awning body, and then locked with two M6 hexagonal cylindrical head screws. (See Figure E)

3. Full box awning front tube left and right horizontal adjustment

step (1): Start the motor, extend the front tube into place. Measure the left and right ends of the front tube to the height of the horizontal plane and determine the arm to adjust based on the difference (see Figure F). Full cassette retractable awning
Step (2): Loosen (do not pull to the loose) wall code with an open wrench to connect the M12 hex bolt to the sliding seat, then one person holds the arm position at the arrow while the other person rotates the INNER HEX screw through the adjustment hole with the Hex wrench. Note To adjust, facing the full cassette retractable awning, turn it down when rotating clockwise and turn it up when rotating counterclockwise. After adjusting, release the hand at the arrow and visually or measure the height of both sides to determine whether the adjustment needs to continue. Repeat until both sides are at the right height. After full adjustment, lock the M12 hex bolt attached to the sliding seat of the wall code and the adjustment is complete. Full cassette retractable awning
4 .Wall mounting adjustable angle of 0°- 35° Full cassette retractable awning
5. The installation is complete

Daily problems and maintenance

1 . The beauty of the fabric requires regular cleaning and maintenance Note: After cleaning the fabric, be sure to air dry the fabric and then retract it to avoid the appearance of the fabric Mold or water ingress of the motor
2. When the awning is loose, please lock the wall code in time.
3. When there is an abnormal sound in the rotating parts, the lubricating oil can be filled in the corresponding position.
4. When used in windy weather, slight shaking of the awning is normal. But Make sure the wind speed is more than 5, or the wind is relatively large, and you can't be sure of its actual situation

Large hours, for the service life of the full cassette retractable awning, please take it back in time. Maintaining awnings can prolong life, maintaining the appearance of proper maintenance can make shades.The canopy is longer, more complete and more elaborate!

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