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Transparent Geodesic Dome House For Restaurant

Brief Introduction:

Transparent Geodesic Dome House For Restaurant,starry sky viewing, scenic homestays, resorts, outdoor hotels, villas, commercial complexes,etc.


dome house

Tengcheng Rotating Star Room Dome House, no reinforced concrete walls, no noisy crowd, rows and rows of twinkling star empty rooms are located under the outdoor night sky, everything is natural. Unpretentious, zero-distance contact with nature, the perfect combination of delicious food and homestays, presenting a fresh experience that has never been seen before!

Ten advantages of our dome home

01. dome home application scenarios

Wide range of application scenarios: starry sky viewing, scenic homestays, resorts, outdoor hotels, villas, commercial complexes, specialty catering, coffee shops, hot spring baths, camping, outdoor camps, agriculture Sightseeing, tourism, ecological park, Internet celebrity check-in, etc.

02. The sizes of dome home

Various sizes:  Any size between 2.5M-6M diameter can be customized.

03. Easy Assembly

The dome tent is can be Removable and easy to disassemble, easy to pass the review: the whole Tengcheng star room is assembled by screws, PC modular assembly, quick installation and disassembly, installation tools only need a wrench and stairs, and it can be disassembled and reassembled later.
 Reusable, it is a detachable and environmentally friendly product that does not damage the ground.

dome house for sale

04.Safe and durable, the construction site is not limited, and it is easy to fix

 open, flat, and hard ground can be built. If the site is cement, it can be built directly, and the ground is fixed with expansion screws; if the site is uneven grass or land, You can build a wooden platform by yourself (the wooden platform can be customized at the manufacturer, the cost is slightly higher), the ground is fixed with self-tapping screws, and the inner and outer circles of the floor are filled with structural glue (the structural glue can be reinforced and waterproof); if the site is tile, If the marble and other floors cannot be drilled, they can be built directly, and the inner and outer circles of the floor can be filled with structural glue for waterproofing.

05.The dome house is comfortable and breathable, windproof and rainproof

Tengcheng's patented star house adopts a revolving door design, which can be ventilated and breathable in any state without being stuffy. It can be configured with multiple revolving doors for convection, as well as ventilation windows or exhaust fans. The star house is actually positioned as a detachable glass house. The material is safer than tempered glass. After the construction is completed, all the gaps are filled with structural glue for waterproofing. The overall steel structure of the star house is very strong. Level 12.

06.The material of dome house is safe and fireproof, UV-resistant, and multiple colors

Tengcheng star dome house transparent material adopts PC polycarbonate board with a 10-year warranty (the material is safe and environmentally friendly, and the hammer is not broken), fire-retardant and flame-retardant B1 level, the surface UV coating can block ultraviolet rays, and can protect the skin from sunburn when used outdoors; if you need shading, you can install curved rail curtains yourself or purchase curtains and rails from the manufacturer; PC color options: greenish translucent, blueish half Transparent, brown translucent, all white, transparent, etc.

07. Sturdy and durable, fireproof and environmentally friendly

The overall outdoor service life of the star house can reach more than 15 years. The steel structure of the dome is made of galvanized steel + high-temperature baking paint on the surface for double rust prevention for more than 15 years. high.

08. Simple maintenance and easy cleaning

rinse the surface with a high-pressure water gun or directly scrub the surface with a soft wet towel and detergent such as laundry detergent, and avoid scratching the PC surface with artificial sharp objects. The overall warranty of Tengcheng Star House is 3 years. After construction, it can be used stably and without any damage. It can be used for more than ten years normally. If the PC is damaged during use, each PC can be replaced separately, and the maintenance cost is low and convenient.

09. The revolving door is beautiful and atmospheric, and can be powered

the standard manual revolving door has a large space, and the curved design perfectly matches the main body of the star dome house without being obtrusive. You can choose to install an electric revolving door, and control the door switch through remote control, mobile phone remote, infrared automatic induction, etc., which is more novel, convenient and intelligent than ordinary key locks.

10. Compared with similar dome products in the market, the advantages of Tengcheng Star dome House

The similar star dome houses on the market are all products without frame and structure, and the whole is formed by multiple PC boards interlocked and fixed by screws, and the safety of the structure is considered from the mechanical aspect. In addition, the entry doors of similar dome products are traditional in style, small in size, inconvenient to enter and exit, and the space is more oppressive. It is convenient for punching holes, decorating flowers and plants, fixing lamps and electrical appliances, the overall bearing capacity can reach more than 1 ton, and the wind resistance can reach 12; It is more in line with the concept of online celebrity punch-in and is more practical.

dome house

We all have a dream, under the unrestrained starry sky, looking up is the romantic and charming starry sky at night, the lakeside with ding dong spring water, the warm and charming lights, just like a fairy tale world, in a free world, dialogue with nature, free rest . Tengcheng Star House products freeze the starry sky at night, and embrace every dream of freedom.

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