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What kind of material is good for the courtyard pergola

Brief Introduction:

What kind of material is good for the courtyard pergola?


The pergola is one of the traditional Chinese buildings, providing a place for the public to rest, play and watch the scenery. Because the pergola has the characteristics of light shape, material selection and layout, and flexible layout, it is widely used in landscape gardens, community gardens, private courtyards, and high-end hotels. The pergola has irreplaceable traditional cultural and artistic characteristics and profound cultural atmosphere in Chinese traditional architecture.

The materials of the pergola are generally divided into anti-corrosion wood pergola, iron wood pergola, steel structure pergola, cement structure pergola, aluminum alloy pergola, etc. With the development of society, aluminum alloy pergola is more and more popular among people. The exquisite and simple pergola can show a different courtyard style, show the leisurely oriental aesthetics, and soothe the restless heart. So how can you choose a good pergola?

What kind of material is good for the courtyard pergola?

Be assured of materials: what kind of material is safe?

1. The material must be healthy and non-toxic, and can solve the problems of insect-proof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof. In addition, it can have the characteristics of non-deformation and non-rot. Although anti-corrosion wood is anti-corrosion and mildew-proof, it has problems such as expansion and deformation of wooden pavilions;

2. The structure of the frame should be firm: there are wind and snow in the north and typhoons in the south. Safety and stability are the standards to ensure the life of the courtyard pavilion, so the firmness of the material structure can be said to be the top priority;

3. To be able to not fade: the painted pavilion will have the problem of falling paint if it is not regularly maintained, the stainless steel material will rust for a long time, and the aluminum alloy pavilion on the market has the advantages of not fading and not deforming;

4. Easy maintenance: It is easy to choose a pavilion, but difficult to maintain. Therefore, when choosing a courtyard pavilion, not only the aesthetics, but also the maintenance cost in the later period must be considered. cost of.

Where is the courtyard pergola built?

1. The pergola should not be built in front of the house. First, it will block the light of the house, and secondly, it will attract bad luck and villains, which will affect your health.

2. There can be no dog house in the pergola, because the dog house represents dirty and messy in Feng Shui, and the pergola is a place for the owner to rest, which is not good for the owner's fortune.

3. The pergola should not face the gate of the courtyard, because the sharp arrow on the top of the pergola is like a sharp arrow, which will shoot at the house. Special attention should be paid to the horns, and do not face the window of the house.

4. When the back of the house is downhill or steep, it is advisable to place the pergola on a rock or a rockery with a backer.

5. The materials of the pergola are various, including wood, aluminum alloy, and some other special materials. Different materials are useful for the five elements of the pergola. Feature size to customize.

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