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Aluminium Pergolas
New Design Aluminium Pergola Kits & Customized Pergola System For Your Space And Home.

Aluminum Pergola Kits

Manual Pergola

ALP2020 Manual Pergola

The new generation S2021 louver pergola is newly developed by Yucheng is a new louver pergola. It is made of heat-insulating aluminium alloy material and combines unique contour technology and structural design. Windproof, dimming, and durability can adapt to various outdoor climates and create a comfortable outdoor Iiving experience. S2021 bioclimatic pergola is stylish, simple, stable and durable, and can be perfectly integrated into courtyards, terraces, roof balconies, swimming pools and other residential leisure places. It is the best choice for modern family outdoor places to create comfortable leisure living space.

ALP2021 Motorized Pergola

The V2021 smart ecological pergola is a new type of minimalist modern aluminum pergola product. It complements the personality, fashion and innovative lifestyle. The minimalist and unobtrusive appearance design presents a light and luxurious aesthetic. While maintaining stability and excellent sun and rain protection functions, the rough profile design is changed to make the whole more exquisite and perfect, blending perfectly into the courtyard and terrace , balcony, swimming pools and other leisure places, smart ecological blinds are a fashionable companion for outdoor living and outdoor leisure places in modern homes.

Motorized pergola
Free Standing Pergola

ALP2022 FreeStanding Pergola

The skylight pergola is a semi-permanent aluminum pergola with single-layer innovative louvres plus 120X120 posts to provide a shaded outdoor area for all of common residential outdoor area. With the maximum 90-degree crank-operated louver system, you can have the louvres opened or closed easily. It comes with internal gutter system and can withstand wind rating 28m/s (100 km/h). This provides the perfect sun and waterproof protection solution to entertain.

B2020 Zip Blind

Manual Blind , Manual zip Blind and Motorized zip Blind, offering a personalized service of excellent quality.The structure is powder coating aluminum and its fabric can be imported acrylic canvas Dickson brand, meshtype, transparent imported PVC or other special choice.Support manual operation without zipper, manual operation with zipper for tighter fabric effect and Motorised button-operated with zipper for satisfing different applications and offering the maximum possibility for end users.

Pergola With Zip Blinds
Pergola With Sliding Glass Doors

G2020 Sliding Glass Door

Equisit 8mm tempered sliding glass with side aluminum profile is perfect match for pergola to form a relax private space.It can realize a variety of scene functions such as cool summer and warm winter, dustproof and transparent scenes, making outdoor leisure life more comfortable and more quality

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